LeDIX Celsius Mobile Mechanic US$300 thousand

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Forget the BlackBerry or iPhone. Celsius X VI II produces mechanical super luxurious mobile phone where their first product LeDIX Celsius priced U.S. $ 300 thousand.
 "We want to take a more useful function of a cell phone and tried to think back and re-create in a more mechanical," says Co-Founder Celsius X VI II Alejandro Ricart.

The company intends to sell its products only in the dozens, not millions. They make it with caution and sell not for mass consumption.

The first mobile phone that is LeDIX Celsius valued U.S. $ 300 thousand (USD 2.8 billion) and the company only makes about 50 pieces in two limited edition versions.

The idea of ​​mobile Celsius X VI II appeared when on a flight, flight attendant asked the Co-Founder Thomas Pruvot hung up before takeoff.

Without a cell phone, he had trouble knowing hours, so he began to imagine a flip phone with a mechanical clock in front of him, every time the phone is opened or closed it will turn that hour.

But do not just stop there, as well as hours LeDIX phone has some unusual aspects. Caller ID will be turning or directing the withdrawal signs in the destination railway station.

Mobile phones can provide an indication of unread messages by sliding the ball or hand flicking.

The main menu is LeDIX phone calls, SMS messaging, camera, contacts and calendar. There was also a service email and web browsing. The handset is also designed for easy use and elegant, not to feature in the


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